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about us

What is Meta Life?

We are a Metaverse focused project which aims to take over the world. With many usecases we beat most of the existing tokens to the ground. Meta Life isn't just a token, it's a a whole new world. A new world in the Virtual Reality. We will create a world you never seen before. Meta Life will be a fusion of the life you already know and the digital world. Stay prepared for a new era of the Metaverse!

Why you should join Meta Life

Auto LP

With the 2% tax we are able to provide funds constantly going to the liquidity pool which is profitable for the holder and the projects aswell.


As our holders are the biggest good we have, we are proud to have a 3% tax which is going directly to our holders.

Infinite Use Cases

Meta Life is going to build a fusion between the real world and the virtual world like you've never seen before. Meta life has an endless set of great use cases.


Total Supply


Auto Liquidity




Max wallet


Phase 01

  • Creating Telegram group
  • Social Platforms
  • Website Launch
  • Whitepaper

Phase 02

  • Audit for CMC
  • Audit for CG
  • Meta Life marketplace
  • Releasing first NFT collection
  • Marketing Campaigns

Phase 03

  • Achieve 2500 Holders
  • Applications for Exchanges
  • Listed on serveral Coinsites

Phase 04

  • dApp Development
  • Meta Life: Wallet
  • Meta Life: Swap
  • Meta Life: Game

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the launch?
Meta Life is brought to life on December 14th 2021.
Is the liquidity locked?
All the liquidity has been locked forever directly after the launch:
What is the total supply?
Total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1B)
How was it launched?
Meta Life stealth launched 14th December on pancakeswap.
Is the ownership renounced?
Yes, you can review it here:

Check out our Whitepaper!